BIRA’s viticultural

Our goal is to achieve, through our in-depth knowledge of each terroir in which we operate, the best expression of freshness, elegance, and unique personality for our wines. Our viticultural management promotes life in the soil, healthy plants with sufficient canopies to achieve early maturity and protect the natural acidity of the grapes.

TUPUNGATO Gualtallary
SAN CARLOS La Consulta

Where it all began...

One of the genetic "museums" of viticulture in the Uco Valley, a place where small areas of old vineyards of unconventional varieties can still be found.

Bira Wines

Search for the
ideal Sangiovese

Our search for the ideal Sangiovese for our blends led us to go inch by inch through this terroir until we found an old vineyard planted back in 1970 in Pergola and another one managed in VSP trellis from 1967. We followed the same path with our Malvasia, also VSP but from 1964 located in this particular place.


These vineyards at 1,100 meters above sea level are located on the north-east bank of the Anchayuyo River on a marked north-south slope, providing privileged conditions of sunshine and protection against frost. The old, ungrafted vines planted in this soil of alluvial origin, sandy loamy with pebbles on the surface regulate their yields naturally, giving wines of extreme elegance. Fourth generation of vintners who maintain the knowledge and passion of working the vineyard and preserved it from time and the "advances" of modern viticulture.

Bira Wines

Uco Valley without limits

Our concern for the search for the difference within what is already known in the Uco Valley has led us from the beginning to carry out micro-fermentations of vineyards that we like and in which we have been looking for the differentiating factor so that they can express themselves as a unique wine with an inimitable identity and character within our portfolio.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Altamira. San Carlos

Cabernet franc

Altamira. San Carlos


Alto Vistaflores. Tunuyán

Cabernet Sauvignon

Vistaflores. Tunuyán


La Consulta. San Carlos

Cabernet Sauvignon

El Peral. Tupungato